Common Fix-It-Yourself Toilet Problems

ImageThe toilet is among the most important components of your home’s plumbing system. Although, it is a sturdy fixture, it is likely that you have had several toilet malfunctions of your own like. You have probably encountered clogged drains, but it is not the only problem that you have to face. The tank, for instance, can be a bit noisy, or the water just won’t stop running. While hiring a professional plumber is advisable, being the usual do-it-yourselfer can actually fix common toilet problems like clearing blocked drains. In this article, you will learn the basics of common toilet repairs.

 1. Overflowing toilet – When this happens, don’t panic. If you think your toilet is clogged do not flush it because it will only cause the toilet to overflow even more. What you should do is immediately find the flapper inside the toilet tank. When you find it, push it down to stop the flow of water. It will cover the hole that lets water get into the bowl.

2. Clogged or blocked toilets – You can use a force-cup plunger to clear minor clogs. Make sure that the plunger is covered with enough water before working the handle up and down. Remember, do not flush the toilet if there isn’t enough water to cover the plunger. Get a pot of water from another source. If the plunger doesn’t resolve the issue, use a closet auger. Put the end of the auger in the drain hole. Twist the handle while pushing the rotor downward.

3. Water continuously dripping into the bowl – This problem is what plumbers call a “phantom flush”. This happens when the there is a slow leak coming from the tank to the bowl. This is mainly caused by a broken flapper of flapper seat. To fix this, drain both the tank and bowl. Next, check your flapper seat for any damage. If it isn’t damaged or worn whatsoever, cleaning the flapper seat might do the trick.

4. Water dripping into the tank – When you hear a constant hissing noise coming from the toilet, it is likely that it’s a result of the dripping water into the tank through the supply line. To resolve the problem, you need to check the float, the ballcock or the inlet-valve assembly and the refill tube. The weird sound you are hearing is usually caused by water flowing through the inlet valve. The first thing to do is check the float. See if it’s sticking or requires adjusting. Next, make sure that the refill tube is not placed too far in the overflow tube. The ideal placement of the refill tube is about ¼” below the lip of the overflow tube. If you can still hear the hissing sound after making these adjustments, you might need to change the ballcock assembly.

5. Weak Flush – If the toilet bowl empties slowly, it may be a result of clogged holes under the bowl’s rim. First, get a curved piece of wire and use it to gently poke each flush hole to remove any debris. You can use a small mirror to help you look under the rim.

If the problem proves to be something that is more than you can handle, immediately call a reliable Melbourne plumber. You may visit Guardian Plumbing website and click on the link at


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