Toilet Clogs

For many would-be homeowners, the assumption may be that the adventure is over once you’ve actually bought your dream house. This could be argued to be the case because the hunt is more or less done, with the ultimate objective having been achieved. Actual homeowners, however, would almost certainly beg to differ. After all, getting the house could be said to be just the beginning – albeit of an all-new adventure that has many stories of its own to tell. There are indeed quite a few tales to be told once this biggest investment of a lifetime has been made – of course, actually living in that house makes this the case.

Clearing Blocked Drains

Guardian Plumbing

Living in the new house itself requires a person to relearn a great many things, and learn some new things along the line as well. Life skills and life lessons are all there for the new homeowner to pick up, not least of them making sure the house remains in good living condition and everything in it continues to make the investment worth the while. There is also the need to make sure to do this to avoid racking up even more costs, such as raised utility expenses due to inefficient or faulty fixtures or even repair bills for when things fall apart.

One room that commonly goes unnoticed when maintenance and repair discussions are being had is the lowly bathroom. Actually one of the more important rooms in the house, the bathroom has plenty of fixtures that rely on precise attachment and reasonably capable maintenance work to keep them in good working order. Of course, this usually goes unnoticed and ignored until the inconvenience of having a non-working shower or toilet comes up.
How do you know your toilet is blocked? Blocked toilets commonly have a few features in common. Water that isn’t going down or takes a while to go down is one of the most obvious signs – a bad clog in particular will have the water not just refuse to go down, but instead even go up and overflow out of the bowl.

One of the most common reasons behind blockage is toilet paper – not all toilet papers dissolve easily, and buildup can result in clogging. Cotton balls, hair and other items flushed down the toilet as a means of disposing them will almost certainly result in blockage, so avoiding this and making sure garbage disposal is instead done properly will go a long way toward keeping your toilet clear of clogs.

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