Techniques in Unclogging Congested Toilets

Scott at Guardian Plumbing in Victoria

Scott at Guardian Plumbing in Victoria

It is always possible for your toilets to get blocked for plenty of reasons. It is important that you know how to deal with this situation. Many plumbers advise not to flush the bowl twice or several times. Otherwise, it may overflow. If you have to unclog your toilet, always wear rubber gloves for sanitary purposes. Make sure that you cover the bathroom floor with oil newspapers or rugs top avoid spills. Besides, it will be easier to clean the bath after the problem has been fixed.

Put some dish detergent in the bowl. Pour ½ pail of hot water from the tap. It should be at waist level in the bowl. It must be hot but not at boiling temperature since this can damage the porcelain. Allow the water and soap to sit for several minutes. This can also help loosen the obstruction. However, proceed to the plunger method if the congestion is not removed.

Make sure that you use the appropriate plunger. The heavy-duty plunger made of rubber is one good option. This can be the ball-shaped version or fold-out rubber overhang at the bottom. Refrain from using the small and inexpensive suction-type of plunger is often ineffective. You can apply more force if you use a bigger plunger. The tool must push into the brain and not go back into the bowl. The plunger should have a firm seal. You can wrap an old rag around the edge and press on possible outflows. Run your plunger under hot water. This can make the rubber softer and help you produce a seal.

Put in the plunger gradually but steadily. Cover the entire hole. It must be immersed in the water completely. Add water to the bowl if needed. Pull up the plunger quickly to build pressure. However, do not be too forceful in pushing down since this can wedge the object further. Keep in mind that it is more of the suction than the pressure. This movement in both directions will eventually cause the clog to get loose. If the blockage remains obstinate, it may be necessary to repeat the process.

You can also make use of a homemade solution consisting of white vinegar and baking soda. The dish washing liquid mixed with water has also been proven effective. These are options in case you do not want to use the plunger method. Otherwise, it may be advisable to call the plumber at Scott at Guardian Plumbing in Victoria by clicking on this link


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