Drain The Drain

Home maintenance is something that every new homeowner should learn, although for old homeowners the same really does remain true. There is a lot of expense tied up in hiring outside workers to come to your home and fix whatever is broken, and thus a lot that can be saved if a homeowner knows how to deal with it himself or herself. From broken windows to clogged toilets, there is plenty that might move a homeowner to throw up his or her hands and just call someone in to fix whatever was broken, but an experienced homeowner who has taken the time to familiarize themselves with the workings of the house should have less of such a problem.

For instance, for blocked drains Melbourne has plenty of capable, trained professionals who can come to your house and help you fix whatever went wrong, but sometimes taking a few steps yourself can remedy the problem, saving you money and teaching you something as well. There are many ways to actually unclog a drain on your own, which can be done with varying effectiveness depending on the nature of the clog that has blocked that particular drain. One method involves the use of vinegar, which might be somewhat surprising but is actually a rather effective way to unclog a drain.

The first step is to pour some vinegar into the drain. About ¼ of a cup will do. This should be let to stand for 20 minutes or more. Alternatively, a quarter cup of baking soda mixed with some vinegar should also generate some foaming action that will eventually help clear the pipes of the clog. Next, pour hot water into the drain – newly-boiled water generally works the best for this step.

Following all this, use a plunger on the drain to create suction that will agitate the material in the drain that has caused the clog. It helps to block the sink overflow in order to help create that suction in order to force the blocking material to move around. After this, another round of hot water should be poured down into the drain and allowed to drain through. All the steps may then be repeated as the clogging material gets broken down. Eventually the drain will become clear because the repetition of these steps, as well as the nature of the vinegar and/or baking soda and temperature of the boiled water will help break up whatever it is that has formed a clog.

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