Best Seat In The House

If you’ve ever had the privilege to put a home together, you know how important and fulfilling an experience it can be. It is indeed one that people tend to look forward to all their lives, especially if it is a home of their own. Once the paperwork and financing is all wrapped up, the design and decoration phase can be a truly enjoyable and freeing one – a homeowner can figure out how best to balance their personality and taste with the practical needs of the home. However, this need to balance also makes this phase a somewhat nerve-wracking one. This is perhaps best illustrated by the need to avoid choosing the flashiest or most interesting piece as opposed to one that works the best. After all, the coolest item can break or otherwise fail, and that would leave the home in quite the lurch.

Even the bathroom, a commonly overlooked but supremely important room in the household, is one where breakage cannot be an allowable issue. As such, choosing the elements that go into a bathroom – such as the toilet, a daily-use but underappreciated item – should not be done without a lot of thought. Fortunately, that decision can be guided by a few guidelines.

1.    You get what you pay for, so don’t cheap out – some contractors will indeed offer you less expensive deals that seem a great deal cheaper at the outset, but these might be for parts and equipment at the lower end of the quality spectrum. They’re likely to have gotten them for similarly low prices, and that cannot be without a reason.
2.    Keep your feet on the ground. You might find unique features to be a lot of fun, but they can actually be impractical for more than just their initially higher price – specialized flushes, automatic seats and so on can be pretty cool, but good luck finding inexpensive replacement parts for this niche equipment.
3.    Select your model carefully. Standard gravity models and pressure-assist models each have their own advantages. For example, a pressure-assist model will probably use less water, which could result in savings down the line. Study flush ratings online as well, so you can choose a design that performs to your expectations.
4.    Design is also an important consideration, so look at how well it matches your bathroom. Beyond design, of course, look at practical concerns – a wall-hung toilet might be unusual for some, but it is one of the models that tend to be easier to clean.

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Choose Your Throne

Putting a home together is a truly unique experience, and certainly one that many look forward to for a very long time. Assuming that everything has been taken care of and all the paperwork and such has already been dealt with satisfactorily, the design phase can be fun and freeing. It can be nerve-wracking also, considering that picking what toilet repairsgoes into the home must be counterbalanced by some smart decision making. After all, simply choosing the cheapest or the flashiest item to be put to regular home use might be an unwise decision resulting in awkwardness later on when the items break or otherwise fail to deliver on what the family needs.

Breakage isn’t always the biggest issue – after all, toilet repairs and the like can be easy to either do yourself or hire someone to take care of – but unwisely choosing household items can end up with you still wasting money. Even choosing the aforementioned toilet requires some careful consideration – overlook this daily-use item at your own peril, because when these go out of commission or fail to give you what you need from it, it’s next to impossible to ignore. Fortunately, choosing a good toilet can be made easier by keeping a few things in mind.

  1. Don’t cheap out. While some contractors do offer cheaper deals and the like, these might be for lower-quality parts and equipment – after all, they wouldn’t offer them so cheaply if they didn’t get them so cheaply, and these things are often cheap for a reason. A toilet is an item you use on a daily basis, sometimes fairly often in one day, so don’t cheap out on it.
  2. Unique features can be fun, but they can be costlier in the long run – and annoying if they turn out to eventually need replacing. Specialized flushes, automatic seat and lid opening and closing – it’s nice to have this stuff, but it can be a big headache to get the parts repaired or replaced since they’re fairly niche.
  3. Decide carefully about the model you need. Do you want a standard gravity model or a pressure-assist model? Pressure-assist models tend to use less water, so if that is a priority that should be your pick. Once you’ve made your choice, feel free to consult flush ratings online so you can make an informed decision as to which specific design will work best for you.
  4. Speaking of design, consider how well the design will mesh with your bathroom, but look at other practical concerns too. For example, a wall-hung toilet has a unique look but it also tends to be easier to clean.

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Tips on How to Choose the Right Plumbing Company

Guardian PlumbingChoosing the right plumbing company can be quite cumbersome, especially in situations where their assistance is badly needed. Shower leaks, clogged sink or shower heads, blocked drain, noisy water heater, whistling or rattling pipes, toilet clogs, are but some of problems you will come across at some point. Ignoring these problems can snowball into a bigger problem, entailing more expenses, more time and effort needed, and even worse, an upset spouse or family member.  Now is the time to take action and resolve these issues once and for all.

It’s highly recommended to employ the services of a professional plumbing company to take of your plumbing problems and avoid more damage in the future. You should be very cautious in choosing the right plumbing company to do the job though.

Here are some very useful tips to help you seek out the right plumbing company:

  1. Looking for a known, highly recommended and experienced plumbing company should be your primary concern. There’s nothing wrong with cutting down costs by hiring a lesser-known plumbing company, but it may only solve your problem temporarily.  What’s worse is these guys may not guarantee their plumbing work.  So it’s always best to go for the trusted and experienced contractors out there.  Ask friends or colleagues for references.  Consulting a real estate salesperson can also help you get some referrals. A licensed plumbing company is always the best way to go.
  2. You need only the services of an experienced plumbing company to take care of plumbing problem. You wouldn’t want to hire an experienced mechanic to fix your car, would you?  Same thing with your plumbing problem. You want a plumbing company who can give you well-trained and experienced plumbers with good track records. Checking out how long the plumbing company has been around can also help.
  3. Be cost-conscious and do due diligence on your part.  Even a minor problem can cost a good amount of money, so be mindful of getting your money’s worth and that you’re paying the right price. Try to avoid plumbing companies offering the lowest price; again, you always get what you pay for. And going for the ones offering the highest price doesn’t guarantee quality work either. Contact 5 to 6 plumbing companies at the very least, get price quotes and average their service price. Make sure you get a complete breakdown of the charges so you don’t end up overpaying.
  4. Go with a plumbing company who give you at least a 30-60 day guarantee. This ensures you won’t have to go searching for another plumbing company if the problem resurfaces after a certain period of time.  A reputable plumbing company can give you a guarantee of 1-5 years depending on the nature of work done. truly is one of the most costly investments you have to make in your home so it’s imperative that a well-established plumbing company worth every penny is chosen to do the task.

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